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August 2, 2017Technology

Howey Got Here: SEC Issues Guidance on Token Offerings

The Howey test lives on—now in a lesson in what not to do when it comes to token offerings. Token offerings, also known as “initial token offerings,” “token launches,” “token sales,” “initial coin offerings,” or “ICOs,” represent a new capital-raising method being explored by many emerging companies; venture, hedge, and private equity funds; large and ...›

June 26, 2017Technology

The Blockchain Comes to Washington

Those who follow developments in technology and business have been inundated over the past several months with stories about the rapid adoption of blockchain technologies across the private sector.  Less discussed is the U.S. government’s exploration of the use of blockchain technologies. At a high level, a blockchain is a decentralized, distributed transaction ledger.  What ...›

April 20, 2017Technology

Tech Companies Figure Out What Washington Has Not: Education and Training are Essential to Employing Americans in the Modern Economy

Much of President Trump’s success in connecting with American voters during his presidential campaign can be attributed to a powerful campaign mantra: a promise to bring back “jobs, jobs, jobs.” Soon after taking office, Mr. Trump began working to fulfill his promise, convening a summit with 24 CEOs of technology and manufacturing companies to discuss ...›

January 24, 2017Technology

Tech, not trade, poses bigger threat to American jobs

Donald Trump’s successful road to the White House was fueled by heated rhetoric against free trade deals and U.S. companies engaged in offshore outsourcing. Underpinning his slogan “Make America Great Again” was a premise that millions of jobs lost to other countries should and could return to the United States. The president-elect’s ambitious goals include ...›