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February 21, 2018Government Contracts

Acquisition Disruption – Innovative Concepts in Government Contracting

Government procurement often gets a (not altogether undeserved) bad rap as a cumbersome process that is lacking in imagination and innovation.  Today more than ever, however, the federal government is making use of cutting edge procedures and methods to attract commercial companies to government contracting and to encourage modernization and efficiency in procurements.  Below we ...›

February 15, 2018Government Contracts

New Debriefing Rules in Effect for DoD Contractors

As we discussed in an earlier post about the NDAA for FY 2018, one of the most significant changes with respect to procurement issues may be related to the DOD’s conduct of debriefings.  Perhaps missed in the discussions of a potential new protest regime going into effect in a couple years is the fact that one ...›

February 15, 2018Government Contracts

Pilot Testing of GAO’s New Filing System Currently Underway

Earlier this month, the GAO announced that its long-awaited electronic protest docketing system (EPDS) is now operational and undergoing limited pilot testing with certain designated protests filed since February 1.  EPDS is a major step forward from the current system of emailing all protest-related filings to a single GAO email address (or faxing or hand-delivering ...›

February 8, 2018Government Contracts

January 2018 Bid Protest Roundup

The Government Accountability Office (“GAO”) started off the new year by reaffirming old rules pertaining to organizational conflicts of interest and discussions. GAO’s decisions show that while time marches forward, old habits die hard. Read more about January’s  Bid Protest Roundup on our Government Contracts Insights blog.   ...›

February 1, 2018Government Contracts

Millennials Outraged Over GAO Decision Upholding DoD Determination that Millennials Won’t Keep a Job

“Outraged” may be a tad dramatic, and the Department of Defense (DoD) didn’t actually make any determinations about millennials and their work ethic, but nevertheless millennials took center stage in the Government Accountability Office’s (GAO’s) recent decision in IPT Associates, LLC, B-415277, B-415277.2, in which GAO upheld a DoD evaluation raising concerns about the recruiting and retention of ...›

January 29, 2018Government Contracts

DOJ Takes on Meritless Qui Tam Actions

A recently leaked internal memorandum (“Memorandum”) suggests the end is near for the Department of Justice (DOJ) practice of sitting idly by while relators use meritless qui tam actions to shake down companies unwilling to risk their reputations to fight False Claims Act (FCA) allegations.  While the FCA has long explicitly authorized DOJ to seek dismissal of any qui tam action ...›

January 18, 2018Government Contracts

Contractors Should Prepare for Government Shutdown

As Congress and the Administration appear to be careening toward a potential government shutdown – whether on Friday January 19 or once another short-term continuing resolution expires – it is a good time for government contractors to review their contracts and the potential effect a shutdown might have. Read more on our Government Contracts Insights blog.  *Victoria ...›