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January 4, 2017Transportation + Infrastructure

What Should be the Key Objectives for the Next Secretary of Transportation?

Katie Thomson offers her unique perspective on what the next secretary of transportation, Elaine Chao, should focus on during her time in office. Katie’s key areas of concern include infrastructure investment, energy efficiency and sustainability, and safety management systems. Katie urges the new secretary to use her skills to create transportation solutions and hold Congress accountable. ...›

December 6, 2016Transportation + Infrastructure

Logistics Management Talks Transportation with Morrison & Foerster’s Katie Thomson

In a recent interview with Logistics Management, Katie Thomson, head of Morrison & Foerster’s Transportation Industry Group, shared her thoughts on the future of infrastructure development with an incoming new administration. Thomson stressed the importance of a long-term comprehensive fix. To see any material changes in the nation’s infrastructure, the focus of any reforms should stray ...›

November 30, 2016Transportation + Infrastructure

Trump Win Signals Substantial Changes for Transportation and Infrastructure

While President-elect Donald J. Trump has released few details about his upcoming administration’s policy agendas, we anticipate that the early days of his nascent presidency will bring sweeping changes to the policies and regulations that monitor the transportation sector. In addition, large-scale infrastructure projects that have been in limbo because of funding issues also may ...›